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Why choose Grafoplast® for Cable Markers and Wire Markers?

Grafoplast® is a total system for marking all cables, wires, terminal blocks, contactors, relays and switches.


  • The Grafoplast® TRASP® System will save you up to 60% in labour application time.
  • Grafoplast® is internationally recognised as the Best Wiremarking System in the world.
  • Grafoplast Wire Markers don't smear, smudge or unwrap due to their exclusive dual recess sleeve design.
  • Mark it all, with the Grafoplast® TRASP® System and the Grafoplast® SI2K EVO Thermal Printer


Grafoplast® is widely recognised as the system of choice by engineers internationally for cable and wire identification.

TRASP® is the only manual system that can identify all types of cables, cores and components found within control and electrical equipment. Marking can be done either prior to or post termination with the simple to use "pick and place" or "print and place" system, unique to Grafoplast®.

The SI2K Thermal Printer is a DIY Solution that saves even more time. This 100% TRASP® Compatible System features a 5500 tags per hour throughput capability and is very easy to use and maintain. You can have absolute flexibility to print wire and cable numbers, plates & labels for control panels, outside panels and adhesive strips tailored to your individual requirements and specifications. The SI2K Printer is a fast, noiseless and customisable solution for your marking needs.